Best Android Emulators

Why Should use an Android Emulator?

There are plenty of reasons to use an Android Emulator app on a computer. Emulator will help to test any Android app before shipping. This app will help gamers to play using keyboard and mouse. Users love to have an emulator for many reasons. Today, this write up will give you the best 3 emulators. So you can choose one. You obviously need one to use if you need to run any Android app on your computer.

Emulation is an easy process to proceed. But some emulators may require you to have a technical knowledge to use it. All emulators have been raised in pretty same technique. Let us have a look on best Android emulators. This list is consisted of apps which you can use with Mac computer devices also. Not only Android devices. So let us have a look about all three emulator apps for your Windows computer and Mac computer.

Android Studio’s Emulator

Android Studio Emulator

This specific emulator is absolutely free. It is a Google approved project. An IDE for Android operating system. You can have so many tools to use in development processes. Developers can make Android apps and games using this emulator. You will get an emulator which is in built. So, you can simply test all your games and apps using it. But this app is not a good choice for consumer purposes. You can download this app if you need to develop apps and games.

AMIDuOS Emulator


You can get this Emulator under a free trial. The paid version is for 10 to 15 dollars. This particular emulator is a new one. You can get this under two different flavors. That is Jelly Bean and Lollipop. Apart from version type, there is only one difference. Jelly Bean version will cost around 10 dollars. Lollipop version will cost around 15 dollars. What is better with these two features are, this all are once time charges only.

This particular Emulator will run well regarding multiple purposes. Mostly it includes features for productivity more than gaming. You can use it more for office purposes, to do homework and some other similar tasks. This emulator will not include any specific feature for gaming. But you can play games in this. Game developers will have an ability to use it for game testing purposes in basic level. But it is not recommended for advanced game testing.

Andy Emulator

Andy Emulator

Again, you can take this app for absolutely free. Previously, this app consisted along with some issues. This is a good replacement for a well-known emulator app like Bluestacks. You will get so many Android tools in this. It will give you a clear Android experience. This includes productivity apps, games, launchers. Users can even root this emulator if they need to do.

So that will make this emulator great as an emulator which is focused on productivity. You can simply play games with it also. This particular app is free and performs very well. Some users have experienced issues regarding installation process. And some other problems also. We simply recommend our users to remain cautious along with this emulator app. You can use this emulator app with Mac computers also.

So that is how the list is prepared. You can download any emulator app that you find suits your needs well. All of them are free. But you might need to pay for it if you need to upgrade them. So you can download all of them from their official website. We invite you to stay connected to us.

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