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Streamaxia OpenSDK can introduce as a powerful live video streaming library developed Android-based on RTMP. Using Streamaxia, you can integrate your app within a short time. You can easily broadcast live to any CDN and networks like Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Microsoft Azure, Red5, Adobe Media Server, and Wowza. In addition to that, you can also use live video streaming and other digital media broadcast platforms. Simply put, Streamaxia is the best OpenSDK video library for Android you could use.


Social Media and broadcasting are becoming more popular day by day with high user attraction due to information sharing. RTMP protocol Streamaxia OpenSDK has very innovative technology that links with Android applications and can share information directly to users. And also 

Streamaxia has a low-latency live video streaming library, and it does not have any limitations to the CDN network. Here you can see a set of features of Streamaxia OpenSDK.

  • Can use any type pf CDN Network Running of RTMP Protocol
  • It can easily integrate with any Android device.
  •  By using this, users can create their own Live Video Broadcasting App.
  • Users can stream videos from different locations.
  • It can work on very low latency.
  • It has high compatibility with all Android versions.
  • It supports Major live video Streaming applications.
  • Drag and drop option.
  • Can have high definition video streaming without having any glitches. 

Android Compatibility

The new version of Streamaxia is 3.3, and it is delivered compatibility with iOS 14 and Android 11, for Android changed the audio encoder to AAC, which is from Google’s default encoder.


  • How to playback the stream?

If latency is relevant, you can use the RTMP player.

Can use the HLS playback link of your CDN or media player and integrate with HTML5 native and iOS and Android. This can be used in one-to-many applications, and it has approximately 10 seconds delay.  

In addition to that, it can use push-JPEG player, and it has below one-second latency. And can integrate with HTML or iOS/Android.

  • How to broadcast a live stream from an iOS or Android app?

Can broadcast lives from your app. This required an RTMP library or SDK, as OpenSDK, which has functions to post a stream to an RTMP URL. You can also use a free app like broadcast Me for iOS or Android, using 3rd party apps

  • How to minimize the delay?

To minimize the delay, Can use a CDN or services which are close to the audience. Can limit the usage of buffers as much as possible for the server and the player. And can limit the image quality and the frame rate. 

Can tune HLS playback to avoid the delay of 5 seconds and playback the stream in RTMP or WebRTC or push-jpg.

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