How to Download TutuApp for iOS

Getting TutuApp for All Your iOS Devices

This guideline will simply give you an ability to download Tutuapp for all Apple devices, including iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. There will be so many apps for iOS platform. This app is having an ability to get downloaded for free. Tutuapp will allow all iOS users to simply download all famous, latest and pro apps, themes, games and wallpapers for totally free.

This app is absolutely free, you do not need to give your Apple ID or any type of a key to simply install it. You can now download tutuapp for two types of forms. That is tutuapp VIP and Tutuapp helper. When considering about tutuapp helper version that is the free version of this app. tutuapp VIP version is a paid version. We recommend you to download tutu app helper version which is for free. You do not get much difference between paid and free version.

Impressive Features

  • This app is completely free. You do not need to provide any Apple ID or any key.
  • This app is a Chinese app, but successfully updated in English language.
  • You will get two separate forms of this tutuapp VIP and tutuapp helper.
  • You can download this awesome app on iOS devices, which has not been jail broken. Users can use it even you have jailbreak also.
  • In order to use this app, you need to have an iOS device which has version iOS 9 to iOS 10.4. So you can simply download this app easily.

How to Download TutuApp for iPhone?

You can download and install this app easily. What you have to do is, simply follow this guide.

  1. First of all, you have to open a safari browser, and navigate to install this app.
  2. Now, you have to click on black button, to download Tutuapp for free.
  3. Then, you will get a message to install this app. You can press it and install app.
  4. Navigate to home screen, you will see this app get installed.
  5. After you download it, click on the app icon which is on your Android device. And then open it. Then, it will display you a message, saying untrusted developer. Cancel it and go to device settings option.
  6. Navigate to general, device management, click on a proper device manager. So that, you can trust this app.
  7. After you open this app, you have to set on not to send notification.
  8. Then you can click on start button and use this app.
  9. Now this app is ready to use. You can simply download games, apps and wallpapers for absolutely free.

Specific Features for iOS

  • You can download so many apps and games for absolutely free from this app.
  • You can download and then install this app in an easy manner. Users do not need to provide an Apple ID or any key to install.
  • Users can download themes, games, apps and many wallpapers for absolutely free.
  • This app is available for iOS devices which is jail-broken or not.
  • This app will work as a memory optimizer. It will clean all junk files, cache which is on iOS device. So this app will manage memory space on device.
  • Tutuapp will work like Xender and Shareit app. Users can transfer any app and data which is consisted in it from a particular device to another. That is possible with a Wi-Fi connection.
  • This app will serve an extra tool regarding battery management, backup tool and calendar. This back tool will create backup for other information and contact.

We hope this write up was helpful.

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