Is Google working on a Pixelbook 2?
Is Google working on a Pixelbook 2?

Is Google working on a Pixelbook 2?

Best answer: No, it appears that following rumors and some speculation that Google would release another Pixelbook, that won't be the case.

What happened to the Google Pixelbook 2?

Google Pixelbook Go Logo

(Image credit: Android Central)

The last laptop that Google released was the Pixelbook Go back in 2019. There have been rumors and speculation suggesting that Google would burst back onto the scene with an all-new Chromebook. The rumors intensified following the introduction of the Google Tensor chip, as the company could implement a modified version better designed for a laptop form factor. 

While Google remained silent and did not provide any official confirmation, an interview with Google SVP of Devices & Services, Rick Osterloh, seemed to give a bit of hope to a Pixelbook 2. In the interview with The Verge, Osterloh stated Google had plans to "do Pixelbooks in the future." Naturally, this left many of us hoping to see a new Chromebook from Mountain View join the ranks of the best Chromebooks. 

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