Vidmate app download : Vidmate Installation Guide Android APK

Vidmate App Download : Looking to Install vidmate apk latest version for android phones and tablets. Did you think that it was impossible to download some of your favorite songs and videos from famous video sharing sites? Or did you want to view movies, songs and videos on your android phone for free but didn’t really know how to do that? There are many video viewing websites popular these days, but they do not allow the free download of the songs and videos that are available for view there.

For example, YouTube is the biggest website for original video production and many new movies and songs, along with original content by individual users (known as YouTubers) from varied fields, choose it as the platform where they release their new content. So just how can you download the videos you want from any of the popular video viewing/sharing sites? The app Vidmate can help you.With this app in your android,we feel that you will most probably not feel the need for any other app for your newest movies and videos because  Vidmate can help you download videos from umpteen number of sources whether it be YouTube, daily motion or sound cloud.

Vidmate apk download : vidmate app for android & iOS Guide

 What are some of the features which Vidmate:

  1. Vidmate is similar to other movie streaming app to some extent because it can provide you with the same function as other apps like Cinema box and Movie box. This app can provide you with the latest and most sought after movies right in your hands, literally.
  2. You can have access to unlimited movies from different countries as well are locally produced content even though most of the content is for Indian viewers. (Many of the subbings are in Hindi) If you think about it that means all the movies you would ever want to watch will be available on this single app!
  3. You also have the option to make these downloads by choosing the quality of video you want to download. It is up to you whether you want HD or not.
  4. Along with movies you also have the benefit of downloading and viewing the most popular television shows from all around the globe but the largest quantity of material is Indian content in various languages.vidmate
  5. If you are a music buff, you won’t be disappointed either. Whether it is your work out playlist that you want to increase or the relaxing music just before you sleep, it could be regional or international, you can get them on your phone easily with this app.
  6. The videos you want need not even be from popular sources as Vidmate help you to access any video as long as it’s put up on the internet.
  7. The videos that you finish downloading will be saved to the library list and you can go at a later date to view all the videos that you have downloaded so far. They will we present in the listin the order in which you downloaded.
  8. In this app you have the option of selecting your and most used sites and favorite sites. This helps you in going to those sites which you know you use often. For example you want to continue using sound cloud on a daily basis and want to find it easily, then sound cloud will media will be visible to you more often because you can add it to your ‘list’ of sites.vidmate

So let us see how you can get this app on your phone. (This app has been created only for android, there is none for iOS)

How to Download Vidmate APK :

Vidmate itself is not available on Google Play Store but a similar app by the name HD Video Downloader is. So the shortest and easiest was to install this app is to go to the Google Play Store and type ‘Vidmate’ or ‘HD Video Downloader‘. In the results list you will see the icon of video downloader and you can click on it. The app will download and finish installation process in a few minutes.

Like we mentioned before, downloading videos, movies, songs from the video sites themselves is not possible most of the times. Also the question of whether doing this is legal or not is raised. The matter of legality is an issue of its own and is beyond the scope of our topic today which is to use Vidmate for your Android devices. Having Vidmate installed on your phone, and using it to view videos and movies itself is not a problem that is there are many users of this app today.

Instead, you can download the Apk file for Vidmatevidmate apk

  • You will have to get this app by first downloading it as an apk file and then installing it on any of your android devices.
  • Just click on below download button to download vidmate apk


  • Now that the apk file has been downloaded, you need to shift it to your Android phone. Connect your phone to the Pc or laptop and then transfer the file to the smart phone in which you need Vidmate.
  • You must assure that your phone allows the download of third party files – in this case, the apk file. Go to settings and allow the ‘Unknown sources’ option in Security or Applications (which is in your settings)
  • Now go to your file manager folder and you will find the newly transferred Vidmate apk file there. Click on it and wait for it to install. It should not take more than a few minutes.
  • When that is done, go to your home screen and you will see the Vidmate icon sitting there to welcome you! Open the app and explore.

This short article tried to clarify some of your doubts and questions about this app Vidmate and now you have also learnt how to get it on your phone.

Vidmate app download : Vidmate Installation Guide Android APK
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